Human Japanese

Name: Human Japanese
Entwickler: Brak Software
Preis: 6,99 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 1,8M
Version: 2.0.5
minimale Android Version: 1.6 oder höher
Kategorie: Lernen
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Human Japanese presents the Japanese language from square one in a warm, engaging tone. The software goes much deeper than just vocabulary, drawing the student into the real mechanics of the language, all the while maintaining a warm tone and a sense of humor.

The goal of Human Japanese is not just to turn out students capable of repeating canned phrases, but to lay the foundation for real linguistic and cultural understanding. To this end, it focuses on helping the student to understand the core engine of the language, giving lucid explanations of key concepts and making frequent comparisons to aspects of English that are similar.

Human Japanese contains:

* More than 500 pages of the well-loved Human Japanese text

* Animations of every Hiragana and Katakana character

* More than 1800 recordings of vocabulary words and phrases spoken by native speakers

* Interactive games and review quizzes

* A dictionary of all Japanese words that appear in the text

Human Japanese will impress you with its warmth, beauty, and wit. Download it today and start your journey!

Traffic Cam Viewer

Name: Traffic Cam Viewer
Entwickler: Robert Chou
Preis: 0,74 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 598k
Version: 3.7.9
minimale Android Version: 1.5 oder höher
Kategorie: Reisen & Lokales
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


View traffic cams from around the world in gallery and matrix mode.

View traffic cameras from around the world in gallery and matrix mode.

Look at road conditions before leaving home or work.

Configure app just once and run to view routes.

Has cameras in 40+ US states (ak al az ca co ct de fl ga hi ia id il in ks mo ky la ma md mi mn mo ms mt nc ne nh nj nm nv ny oh ok or pa ri sc sd tn tx ut va wa wi wy) and other countries as well.

Also covers foreign countries: Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Hong Kong Indonesia Italy Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Scotland Singapore Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand.

Mobile Observatory- Astronomie

Name: Mobile Observatory- Astronomie
Entwickler: KreApp Development
Preis: 2,99 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 11M
Version: 1.82.1
minimale Android Version: 2.1 oder höher
Kategorie: Lernen
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


Mobile Observatory - Die Astronomie App für Android

Mobile Observatory ist die umfangreichste Astronomie-App auf dem Android Market und das perfekte Werkzeug für jeden Astronomie-Interessierten, vom Gelegenheitssterngucker bis zum passionierten Amateurastronomen.

Sie möchten wissen, wann das sich das nächste Mal Mond und Jupiter am Himmel begegnen? Ob und wann die nächste Mondfinsternis von Ihrem Ort aus sichtbar ist? Wann der nächste Komet ein helles Abendschauspiel gibt? Sie möchten nie wieder ein Himmelsereignis versäumen und von Ihrem Smartphone daran erinnert werden? Sie fragen sich, was das extrem helle Himmelsobjekt kurz nach Sonnenuntergang ist? Dann ist diese App genau das, was Sie suchen!

In der App ist eine live, zoombare Himmelskarte inkludiert, die Ihnen präzise und zuverlässig sagt, welches Himmelsobjekt sie gerade sehen. Damit nicht genug, bietet sie eine Fülle an anschaulich präsentierten Extrainformationen über Sterne, Planeten, Galaxien, Sternhaufen, Nebel, Meteroiten, Kometen, Astroiden, Sonnen- und Mondfinsternisse sowie detaillierte Ephemeriden aller enthaltenen Himmelsobjekte und eine grafische Aufsicht auf das Sonnensystem, die die aktuellen Positionen der Planeten darstellt. All das in nur einer App!

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Mobile Observatory bietet folgende Funktionen:

- Aktuelle zoombare Himmesansicht
- Aufsicht auf das Sonnensystem, die die aktuelle Position der Planeten, des Mondes und ausgewählter Asteroiden darstellt
- Live-Modus (Gerät auf den Himmel richten und erfahren was man sieht)
- Kalender mit genauer Beschreibung von astronomischen Ereignissen der nächsten 7 bis 31 Tage
- Ereignisse (Konjunktionen, Finsternisse, …) als Eintrag im Kalender Ihres Smarphones speichern
- Auf-, Transit und Untergangszeiten aller dargestellten Objekte
- Dämmerungszeiten und Tageslängen
- Aktuelle Ansicht der Sonne, Mond, Planeten (Phasen, scheinbare Grösse)
- Detaillierte Information über alle Objekte
- Bright Star Katalog (~9000 Sterne)
- Messier Katalog (110 Objekte) komplett mit Bildern jedes Objekts
- Caldwell Katalog (110 Objekte) komplett mit Bildern jedes Objekts
- Meteorströme (Aktivitätsbeginn, Maximum, ...)
- Mondfinsternisse (Info über Sichtbarkeit, ...)
- Helle Kometen (Liste wird automatisch je nach Datum angepasst)
- Helle Asteroiden (insgesammt 5000 in der Datenbank)
- Widget mit Auf- und Untergangszeiten von Sonne und Mond
- Aktuelle Bilder der Sonne und aktuelle Sonnenfleckenanzahl
- Ortsbestimmung durch mobiles Netzwerk oder GPS
- Auswahl des Ortes aus einer installierten Datenbank von 20 000 Städten oder online via Google Maps
- Zeit- und Datum frei wählbar
- Berechnung von Konjunktionen zwischen Planeten bzw. Planeten und Mond
- 3D-Animation von Mond und Planeten
- Genaue Berechnungen für Zeitpunkte zwischen 1900 und 2100

Mobile Observatory benötigt für die Berechnungen keine Internetverbindung (nur für das Livebild der Sonne).

keywords: Astronomie, Sterne, Teleskop, Planeten, Messier, Meteor, Live Himmelsansicht, Kleinplaneten, Asteroiden, Merkur, Venus, Erde, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun, Ceres, Vesta, Juno, Eros

Star Traders RPG Elite

Name: Star Traders RPG Elite
Entwickler: Cory Trese
Preis: 1,55 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 8,8M
Version: 4.3.19
minimale Android Version: 1.6 oder höher
Kategorie: Arcade & Action
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


Trade, battle, pirate & bounty for galactic riches in an epic space sci-fi RPG

"Star Traders RPG" is a FREE Version -- play as much as you want before you go Elite. E-Mail us if you need help!

Experience the Elite Upgrade: Epic new content includes 2,000 new Sectors, 200 additional Zones and more than 150 exclusive art files. Take your space based adventures to a huge next galaxy.

The paid version adds 200 ships, 110 planets, 200% rumors, twice as many officers, awards and content.

You can copy your profile/Captain from Star Traders RPG to Elite.

* E-Mail Us If you Need a Refund After Google's 15 Minutes. for real =) *

* * *
The Elite Version ONLY has a "Copy Captain" feature under the Roster in the main menu. Copy your profiles from free as many times as you want!
* * *

Star Traders RPG Elite is a complex space simulation and turn-based Strategy role playing game. The game is set in a vast, dynamic galaxy torn apart by war, betrayal and commerce.

Elite supports Cory and Andrew!

Pick sides in a shifting war between 6 unique Factions. Pick a side (or two) and play as Merchant, Assassin, Explorer, Warlord, Pirate or Smuggler. Buy, Sell, Battle and Pilot over 100 unique craft. Discover, Explore and Quest on more than 140 planets.

For both Hero & Villain: Upgrade to RPG Elite!

Featuring a professional soundtrack this epic space opera is a hit with fans of Star Wars, Firefly, Serenity and Battlestar Galatica. Your command of the ship is under constant threat, both internal and external. Can you manage your resources, crew, officers well to enough to turn a profit on your contracts? Those that do will be among the Faction's elite Star Heroes -- and those that fail will be branded bandits and Crimelords.

Star Traders RPG is in active development based on your feedback. Elite is regularly updated with new ships, new rumors and contract types.

Inspired by games such as EVE Online, Space Trader, Master of Orion, Pirates! and many other classic computer RPGs.

If you enjoy adventure, Action RPG or SciFi RPG with complex depth (such as Master of Orion or Mass Effect) you may enjoy Star Traders space role playing game.

Full character control and customization. Travel the galaxy in this turn-based strategy/role-playing game. Features 5 unique skills, 8 character classes, 100 different capital space craft. Customized your craft and ships with 36 different improvements.

If you see something that needs to be fixed, e-mail or post on the forum.

Brought to you by two brothers on a mission to make fun games for your phone.

Please Rate the Elite experience on the Android Market.





Translation Team:


Try our second Star Traders RPG universe game, Templar Assault.
Command your squad of Templar Knights and journey across the galaxy in an epic war against the Alien.
Templar Assault is an animated turn-based Strategic Role Playing Game (RPG) for your Android phone. Taking inspiration from Star Traders RPG, the Aliens films and Space Hulk, Templar Assault is a game of high tension. Your Templar Knights are a tight knit team of warriors capable of combat in any environment -- from the depths of space to distance planets.

Try our new game, Cyber Knights RPG

Inspired by such games as ShadowRun for SEGA or SNES, Fallout, Fallout Tactics, Silent Storm, Syndicate and CyberLords this game should keep you plotting your next play for urban power!

Full character control and customization in an RPG. Travel the world in this turn-based tactical/role-playing game. Features 8 unique skills, 5 character classes, 400 different items, weapons and armor. Customized your leader and teams with 65 different cybernetic improvements.


OverSkreen (floating browser)

Name: OverSkreen (floating browser)
Entwickler: MBFG
Preis: 1,99 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 813k
Version: 1.6.1
minimale Android Version: 2.2 oder höher
Kategorie: Kommunikation
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


Gone are the days of trying to switch back and forth, and wasted screen real estate. OverSkreen Browser can live on top of your screen, above any of your other applications and allow you to use your device’s other features while browsing ! Enjoy the desktop experience on your Android device !


View and interact with multiple instance at once. Device with OverSkreen enable true multi-tasking, utilizing the screen real estate to let users browse the internet.

● Features :
☆ Multiple instance
☆ Truly floating : move, resize or minimize
☆ Adobe Flash support (*)
☆ Tabbed browsing
☆ Private browsing (*)
☆ System wide bookmarks/history
☆ Built-in Desktop/iPhone/iPad/Honeycomb/Froyo user-agent
☆ Suggest-while-typing URL bar
☆ Quick Hide (double tap the title bar)
☆ Chrome keyboard shortcuts
☆ Bookmarks folder support (*)
☆ Chrome Bookmarks sync (**)

* Android 3.0 and above
** Android 4.0 and above

● Known limitations
- On Android version 2.2.x / 2.3.x only, Adobe Flash plugin doesn't support floating applications and may crash. This is an Adobe bug. Some customers reported it as working though. Please upgrade to Android 3.0/4.0 or above for Adobe Flash support. Please note that mobile version of YouTube (and others) doesn't requires Flash at all.

● Support
Please, DO NOT post support request/complaints or bug reports to the comments page. We can't reply there since this is anonymous. Please send your request and feedback by email.

☆ Can I watch YouTube ?
Sure. You can do whatever you do with your stock browser.
☆ Can I make applesauce out of my iPhone friends ?
Now, you can.

● Permissions explained :
INTERNET : really...?
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : to know about internet availability
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : for Google Maps & others
WRITE_SETTINGS : to save settings
READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS : system wide bookmarks access
WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: system wide bookmarks access

☆ GotYa! Face trap !

Name: ☆ GotYa! Face trap !
Entwickler: MBFG
Preis: 1,99 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 294k
Version: 2.4.1
minimale Android Version: 2.2 oder höher
Kategorie: Tools
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


GotYa! takes a silent snapshot through the front facing camera of the criminal who is attempting to use your device, whenever the screen lock is entered incorrectly.

After taking the picture, it acquires the location of your device and forms a Google maps link, and then send it with the time stamped picture to your email or Facebook !

Do you want to know who's using your device, stealing it, or just opening it up and snooping around on it for less than a beer price ? Yes, GotYa! is your choice!


Since GotYa! is a standalone program, it will NOT send your data to a remote server like others do.

GotYa! can be controlled through simple remote SMS commands, for example, you can :

- Lock/Unlock your device
- Request a location
- Request a callback
- Play an alarm sound (even if muted)
- Be notified on SIM change

The new Friendly Mode when enabled, will allow access to your device after a few wrong attempts, optionally sending the device location in the background and taking picture every time the user is present. This way the thief (or snooper) will potentially keep using the device to call friends and brag about their spoils.

This mode can be useful for WiFi-only devices (like tablets), since it will allow the thief (or snooper) to configure an access point.

This is the FULL version of GotYa!, with the following *outstanding* features :

- *FULL* size image capture
- Friendly mode
- Email/Facebook notifications support with location
- Remote SMS commands
- Smart screen ON capture trigger
- Queued system notifications support

Be sure to setup the system screen lock and that's it !

GotYa! doesn't need memory since GotYa! is deeply hooked into the screen lock. No service is needed : it only started on wrong login. It does NOT start long running services, except for sending emails. But it will shuts down as soon as finished.

--- FAQ ---
Q: I have a pin code on my SIM card. Is it the same ?
R: NO. Please set up a screen lock.

Q: How to setup a screen lock ?
R: Go to Settings -> Location & Security -> Set up screen lock.

Q: Which screen lock is supported (pattern, pin code, password...) ?
R: All of them. No restrictions !

Q: I can't uninstall !
R: To uninstall, please first disable GotYa!

Q: Where are the stored captures ?
R: Use your favorite file manager and point it to the /mnt/sdcard/Android/com.myboyfriendisageek.gotya/ directory.

Q: I'm not receiving email alerts !
R: Please first double check your settings, and then use the "Send a test email" button. If you're 100% sure about your settings, look at your SPAM folder. Otherwise, contact us.

Q: Location is missing / How do I increase the location accuracy ?
R: First, be sure that the network location provider is enabled. To achieve a better accuracy, the GPS needs time : go to the advanced settings, and try to raise the location timeout while lowering the desired accuracy to something acceptable. This may delay email alerts though.

Some keywords : anti theft, where is my droid, wrong login, wrong password, igotya, device stolen, phone locator, phone tracker, mobile locator, find my phone, spyphone, phone protection

1Tap Cleaner Pro

Name: 1Tap Cleaner Pro
Entwickler: Sam Lu
Preis: 1,50 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 464k
Version: 1.51
minimale Android Version: 2.0 oder höher
Kategorie: Tools
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


Clear cache, search histories, calls log and defaults

1-Tap to clean all cache, search histories and calls log. A default cleaner is also included.

Are you running out of application storage?
You now can get more available storage space by clearing apps created cache/data files.

★ Cache Cleaner
★ History Cleaner
★ Call/Text log Cleaner
★ Default Cleaner

There are four cleaners included in this app. Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner and Call/Text log Cleaner help you to get more free space for the internal phone storage by clearing apps cached files, data files, or search/navigation history records. If you have selected to launch apps by default for some actions. Default Cleaner helps you to clear the default settings.

Auto or 1-tap to clear all cache, search history, calls log and the best is you don't have to ROOT the phone anymore! This app is crucial to anyone who has memory management issues.

★ 1-tap to clear all cached files
★ 1-tap to clear all search and browser navigation history records
★ 1 tap to clear calls log (incoming, outgoing, missed, frequently contacted)
★ list all default apps and clear selected defaults
★ home screen widget shows cache and available size
★ auto clear all cache and history at a specified interval
★ auto clear cache when the device is low on internal storage space
★ clear cache or history for a specified application
★ notify you on startup if more than 500K bytes cache used
★ list applications by either cache, data, code, total size or app name
★ view application on Market
★ uninstall application
★ open application
★ show application details page

Required permissions:
* READ_CONTACTS, WRITE_CONTACTS: show and clear calls log
* READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS, WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: show and clear browser navigation history records

Same functionalities as "1Tap Cleaner Free" app, but Ad removed and more auto clear interval options added.

For user's manual, FAQ, please tap MENU > Settings > About for details.

Reviews: (Video)

*** Note for Android 4 (ICS) users ***
* Cache cleaner will not work for Android 4.0.1/4.0.2 due to the the Android system bug. Google fixed this problem in 4.0.3
* Starting from Android 4, Android does not enable 3rd apps to clear the Frequently called log. You can manually clear it by: Launcher > MENU > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Contacts Storage > tap the "Clear data" button
WARNING:: This will delete not only the frequently called list, but also the entire call history log and contacts. As long as your contacts are backed up with Google, then they will automatically return within a minute or so when your phone resyncs contacts with Google.

Re-publish a new version, requested by Google. For aCCleaner Pro users, please purchase "1Tap Cache Cleaner Pro" and email your aCCleaner Pro order number to us for getting the refund. We're sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

You have to install this app on the phone storage if you want to use the widget function. It's required by Android.

We have been selected as a Google I/O 2011 Developer Sandbox partner, for its innovative design and advanced technology.

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