ScreenSlider by REDFLY

Name: ScreenSlider by REDFLY
Entwickler: Celio Corp
Preis: 0,71 € For free at our blog!
Größe: Variiert je nach Gerät
Version: Variiert je nach Gerät
minimale Android Version: Variiert je nach Gerät
Kategorie: Effizienz-Tools
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50% Off $1.99 Normal Price - Use Your Android as a 2nd PC Monitor

*50% Off $1.99 Regular Price to Celebrate ScreenSlider Launch - Use Your Android tablet or smartphone as a 2nd PC Monitor*

REDFLY ScreenSlider by Celio Corp allows you to be more productive using the tablet or smartphone that you already own while working on your PC or laptop. With ScreenSlider, you can use your Android device as a wireless external monitor for your computer and take advantage of the extra screen real estate to see and do more.

An optional ScreenSlider Pro in-app upgrade enables a number of touch-based features including pinch-to-zoom, mirror mode, right/left click and more allowing you to view and interact with PC apps without a mouse and physical keyboard or without the need to be right next to your PC. The ScreenSlider Pro in-app upgrade is currently priced at $4.99 (half off the regular $9.99 price for a limited time).

* You must download and install a free Windows PC/laptop application before the ScreenSlider app on your Android device can communicate with your PC.

Go to to download the free Windows app and for more info about ScreenSlider and ScreenSlider Pro.

Please visit if you have questions about licensing, features, or supported apps, devices, and operating systems. Many of the ScreenSlider negative reviews contain inaccurate information.

* Be more productive using the device you already own to get more screen real estate.
* Great for monitoring dashboards, widgets, email inbox, Facebook, etc. while you work on your main monitor.
* Functions as an external (secondary) monitor for your Windows PC or laptop computer.
* Works wirelessly over your local LAN Wi-Fi connection (Android device and PC must be on same local network and subnet).
* Includes free 30-day trial of the ScreenSlider Pro in-app purchase that enables touchscreen controls and additional features.

ScreenSlider Pro in-app upgrade includes several touch gestures and other features including:
* Upgrade to ScreenSlider Pro directly within the ScreenSlider app.
* Multitouch controls allow you to interact with PC content and apps on your Android device (pinch-to-zoom, pan, scroll, right/left click).
* Use built-in Android keyboard and speech-to-text feature to enter/edit text in PC apps.
* Pull running PC apps over to Android device.
* Transfer files between PC to Android device.
* Mirror PC screen or extend as 2nd PC monitor (toggle between Mirror mode and 2nd monitor mode in PC app settings)

* Windows XP (32 bit)
* Windows Vista (32 bit)
* Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
* Windows 8 NOT supported at this time
* Windows 7 Starter Edition NOT supported at this time
* Mac OS X NOT supported at this time

2.2 through 3.2.1 (ICS 4.x not yet officially supported but has been reported to work)

*IE 9, Firefox 9 and MSN Messenger on Windows 7 are not supported at this time. Older versions will work. ScreenSlider does not interfere with these applications or cause them to crash. When a PC is connected to an Android device during a ScreenSlider session, these apps will not draw properly when moved to your Android display. This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future update.

*The PC app may not install from your PC when using Opera. Please use IE, Chrome, or Firefox to download the PC app.

*Your PC and Android device must be on the same LAN and subnet in order to establish a connection. See the FAQ section for more details.

*Windows 7 Aero effects are disabled during an active ScreenSlider session.

*Audio from your PC will not play on your Android device at this time. Audio will continue to play through Windows PC as normal.

*This app is not optimized for full-screen video playback. Video frame rate and quality will vary depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi network and the size of the video window on your Android device's screen.

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