Name: NaviGateway
Entwickler: benzo
Preis: 6,60 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 169k
Version: 1.16
minimale Android Version: 2.2 oder höher
Kategorie: Kommunikation
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NaviGateway beats, causes power that a phone equipped with Bluetooth is asleep.

- Outline
NaviGateway achieves the congestion information acquisition by the Bluetooth DUN data communication of the car navigation system with a smart phone. Moreover, the function to send the ring tone when the telephone arrived while hands-free connecting it as optional function was installed. (* This function is invalid in default. )

Please see "Help" of building into, and set to the application the data communication on the car navigation system side when using it for the first time. (Please it sees help once, and match the setting even when connecting without setting it though it is troublesome. )

- confirming the operation environment
Cellular phone ... NTT DoCoMo LYNX 3D SH-03C (Android 2.2 necessary upgrade)
Car navigation system ... carrozzeria CYBERNAVI ZH099

2.2 or more is indispensable to the version of Android as the design system requirements.
Please send feedback by all means to improve the perfection of NaviGateway for the customer that the person who was able to use it will get use examined in the future.
Please do not give it up in a failure once even if you do not operate about the data communication function by any chance. Please see the bailout described in help, and retry several times once.
There is a possibility that operation becomes unstable because of the influence of the application etc. that the above-mentioned model can be installing.

- Data communication function
・The acquisition of congestion information on a Smart-loop etc. is supported by way of the Bluetooth DUN module of the car navigation system.
・It is necessary to set it on the car navigation system side to use it.
・There is a possibility in which the function that doesn't operate satisfactorily according to the content of the communication is provided. (Only the smart loop congestion information acquisition confirms the operation. )
・Use excluding the car navigation system is not assumed, and cannot be used.
・Moreover, the transmission rate is very slow (severalK bps). A mass data communication cannot be done. Please match and understand.
・The connection might fail unusually. It becomes impossible to connect completely afterwards. After all the Bluetooth connections are intercepted, the reactivation of the cellular phone is needed though it disregards at time in that case.

- Ring tone sending function
・It is a function that rumbles with the speaker of the car navigation system hands-free connecting the mobile ringing sound.
・The car navigation system side should support the function. (ZH099 operates. )
・The sent ring tone is low quality.
・The sent ring tone is different from the ring tone usually reproduced, and there is a possibility not being reflected for the individual ring tone set in the telephone book according to the telephone book that the mobile phone model and is used. Especially, when the ring tone setting function of each group is provided in the cellular phone, this setting is not reflected at all. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
・This function should be able to be used also with Bluetooth headsets etc. other than the car navigation system as long as it supports it.

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