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Name: Math Reference
Entwickler: WAGmob (Simple 'n Easy)
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Version: 12.0
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WAGmob brings you a simple 'n easy on-the-go learning and reference for Math. A reference guide that teaches you the basics in a nice and organized manner.

App offers quizzes, tutorials and flashcards to help you learn about Math.

You can also purchase "Math Formula Calculator" from within this app, to help you calculate important Math formulas (In-App purchase).

App is continuously updated based on your feedback. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

App Tools include search, bookmark, and Facebook integration.

Includes following tutorials:

Fractions and Decimals,
Prime Numbers, LCM and GCF,
Percentage and Average,
Exponents and Powers,
Ratio and Proportion,
Charts and Graphs,
Linear Algebra,
Matrix Applications,
Linear Inequalities,
Nets and Object Transformations,
Advanced Statistics,
Complex Numbers,
Absolute Value,
Limits and Derivatives,
Series and Sequences,
Permutations and Combinations,
Financial Math,
Corporate Finance,
Line Slope and Equation,
Graphing Linear Equations,
Functions and their Graphs,
Graph Transformations,
Business Math,
Profit and Loss,
Simple Interest,
Compound Interest,
Geometric Shapes and Figures I,
Geometric Shapes and Figures II,
Geometry Formula Pack,
Measurement and Conversions,
Physical Constants,
Math Symbols,

Includes 12 quizzes.

Includes following flashcards:

Simple Interest, Compound Interest, and Discount,
Probability and Statistics,
Integration and Differentiation,
Geometric Shapes and Figures I,
Geometric Shapes and Figures II.

What is unique about WAGmob apps?

1) A touch friendly, quick reference app, which is always in your pocket and always works (no data connection required).

2) A companion app for on-the-go, bite-sized learning.

3) Offers value for money (A lifetime of free updates).

4) Over 300,000 paying customers from 175+ countries.

Our Vision: Provide on-the-go references that enable our customers to refer, learn and remember; easy to learn, more engaging and truly complete.

Our Mission: A WAGmob app in every pocket.

Please write to us. We would love to improve this app.

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