Locale Password Lock Plug-in

Name: Locale Password Lock Plug-in
Entwickler: Willem Stoker
Preis: 0,99 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 63k
Version: 2.2
minimale Android Version: 2.2 oder höher
Kategorie: Tools
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


Automatically enable/disable your phone's unlock password or PIN

With this plug-in you can automatically enable/disable your phone's unlock password or PIN based on your location, time etc. For example, disable your password at home, but enable it by default.

You can also set a password delay so the password is not needed if you unlock your phone within the configurable time.

* Disable device administrator before uninstall
* You cannot override another device administrator that requests a password (like a corporate Exchange)
* Does not work with lock pattern.

Note: This is a plug-in, it requires Locale or Tasker from the Market. If you don't have one of those apps, you can download my other app "Password Delay" for just the delay option.

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