Light Meter Tools

Name: Light Meter Tools
Entwickler: WBPhoto
Preis: 3,04 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 637k
Version: 3.1.5
minimale Android Version: 2.1 oder höher
Kategorie: Fotografie
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


The most complete Incident + Reflected Light Meter for any phone on the market, measured to be as accurate as hand-held devices, packaged with other essential photography tools.

Light Meter Tool is is an application for photographers to measure reflected and ambient light using their Android cell phones, developed by a photographer with too much equipment to carry around. It uses two different methods to measure light: the light sensor and the phone’s camera. It will work on practically any Android phone!

Because of this dual feature, either one or the other should work on almost every phone on the market. On the first launch, it tests both methods and lets the user know which methods are available on their particular phone.

The app was developed for all camera types, and includes iso, f-stop, and shutter settings for anything from pinhole to video camera use. The app, however, is (D)SLR-centric, with most of the features focused on that market. Developed with the user in mind, the app was completely rewritten for speed and accessibility and can be used in both portrait and landscape modes.

In addition to the two meters, the app includes a Sunny Sixteen calculator, a Depth of Field calculator, and an EXIF Reader with more tools in the works.

A big thanks to Double-J Design for the beautiful icons.

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