LG Esteem Optimizer **ROOT**

Name: LG Esteem Optimizer **ROOT**
Entwickler: Kanaida
Preis: 2,27 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 1,1M
Version: 1.4.2
minimale Android Version: 1.6 oder höher
Kategorie: Tools
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


It's time to show your phone the meaning of respect and the word master.

**ON SALE 2.99, REG 3.99**
-LG OPTIMUS M (Requires an sdcard) <--NEW!!!
If you have any issues please contact me, I'll help
-Works best with various roms from androidforums.com when used with the Homeless Kernel 1.3 that I also made. The only thing not working in that kernel yet is hdmi but a patch is coming. The benefits add up to about 24hours battery on a stock battery, faster speed, 30 sec boot times. It is recommended for advanced users since it involves flashing new software and requires some reading.

Other phones may work, but try at your own risk!

You buy a new phone, install a few apps, a day goes by. Then your phone starts to get a temper, sluggish, not obeying your commands. Your temper only gets worse because you remember it's price tag.

It's time to show your LG Esteem the meaning of respect and the word master.

The LG Esteem is currently the best phone available from MetroPCS at the time of this writing. However, it may seem snappy at first but it's performance rapidly goes to hell after a few installations of apps and using it for a few days even after the OTA update (MS910ZVB).

After 2 weeks i'd had enough. They symptoms were extreme lag, stutters, short battery life, long delays on keypresses. I spent days debugging and getting to the bottom of all the issues in linux and put them all together in this one app for you.

ONLY FOR ROOTED LG ESTEEM PHONES!, It's unknown if it will work on other phones. RUN AT YOUR OWN RISK!.

Features so far:
-HEAVILY improve battery life, way way past what the specs say.
-Speeds up responsiveness so that everything is pretty much instant.
-Smoother scrolling/graphics like pinch to zoom
-Faster startup times
-2X-3X faster speeds from internal AND external sdcard's regardless of brand
-Fixed the 'permanent-stutter' that can only be fixed with a reboot.
-Way faster when multitasking
-Update PRL List

New features coming soon!, All tweaks added only after passing 24 hour torture tests.

-Fixed a rare start-up service crash when it was unable to access some config files on the internal sdcard.

-Added option to fully disable swap file, even better now under low memory conditions. Lets android work how it's supposed to. Should work even better than the "try not to swap" option.
-Root detection, and help/info.

-Added a network section, it has a shortcut to update your PRL. This updates the phone's internal tower list and can greatly help some people with bad coverage/signal. I noticed some people were resorting to flashing with 3rd party tools, downloading prl files etc... this isn't actually necessary.

-Removed lower cpu min setting (had a few problems with lock screens since the cpu speed was lowered too much and the governor didn't ramp the speed up fast enough)

Future Plans:
-Additional speed hacks
-Audiophile guides for the rich and poor

Q)If I factory reset will I loose all my stuff?
You will loose: apps, settings
you will keep: sd card contents like pictures and music
go on a pc, log into gmail,
make sure phone contacts are there so you don't loose them.
Some people don't know they sync with gmail if set up properly so
they come back when you re-add your gmail account after reset.

Q) Can I use titanium backup?
A) If you want to use titanium backup to backup/restore:
click remove bloatware in my app first. clear any backups,
then backup the apps you want. (so you don't restore bloatware later)

Q)I see "wait" or "force close" when i click a button
A)You probably see this a lot, my program fixes many of those.
However your phone is probably already going slow at this point,
just reboot and then try it out. if you see the "wait" button, hit that.
It takes a minute or 2 to remove the apps. I may add a progress indicated in a future version.

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