Name: FaceDetection
Entwickler: mobilebrother
Preis: 0,63 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 1,9M
Version: 1.4.1
minimale Android Version: 1.5 oder höher
Kategorie: Unterhaltung
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


Take Place of True-man Face Reading with Android?

Let your face tell your fortune! This app contains matches facial features with personality traits. Learn more about someone you just met by studying their face! Study eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose, and others. You can share your discoveries within the app. Great for decoding mysterious people and checking out potential dates.

Thanks for downloading FaceDetection. Before you experience our APPs, please pay attention to the following things:

1. Please follow phone capture mode.If your phone camera applies Portrait Mode, please do not transfer to Landscape Mode, otherwise your photo cannot be detected.
2. Android firmware version 1.6 or below please upload from gallery.
3. The most important is that Android OS is not available to upload pictures taken by the pre-camera. So you are not able to experience our APP with pre-camera.

We have just released the version 1.4. It fixed the uploading problem of most phones. Due to insufficient camera memory, the earlier version may cause facial detection failure.

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