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Name: Dream Journal Pro
Entwickler: Radiant Monkey Software
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Version: 2.79
minimale Android Version: 2.1 oder höher
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Dream Journal Pro is a full-featured journaling tool for dreams.


...is a journaling tool for dreams, with a large selection of fields to customize your entries to suit your own style.

"I have no theory about dreams, I do not know how dreams arise. And I am not at all sure that my way of handling dreams even deserves the name of a "method." I share all your prejudices against dream-interpretation as the quintessence of uncertainty and arbitrariness. On the other hand, I know that if we meditate on a dream sufficiently long and thoroughly, if we carry it around with us and turn it over and over, something almost always comes of it. This something is not of course a scientific result to be boasted about or rationalized; but it is an important practical hint which shows...what the unconscious is aiming at."
C.G. Jung, The Aims of Psychotherapy (1931).

*Dream form prompts you to analyze and work with your dream, using Jungian Dream theory as a basis.

*Night mode - allows you to dim the screen for night entries.

*Adjustable font sizes (Pro version only)

*Backup to and Restore from SD Card; backup database via email; email all dreams (text or html).

*Password protected.

*Custom search function.

*Multiple date formats (mm/dd/yyyy and dd/mm/yyyy)

*Move to SD card is enabled (Android 2.2 or later)

There is now a Spanish version (Diario de Sueños Pro) and a Dutch version (Droomdagboek Pro) of this application available in Android Marketplace!

If you like it, PLEASE review it! Thanks!

*I can't reply to anything posted in reviews in the marketplace, so if you have an issue you want to report, PLEASE email me directly. Thank you!

*Local SD Card read/write and internet permissions needed for backing up dream database.

If you are looking for a dream dictionary, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. This is a dream journal.

If you are looking for an app to somehow interpret your dreams for you, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. This is an app for journaling your dreams, and working through your own interpretations.

If you are looking for an app that will let you search for dream meanings or symbol definitions, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. This is a dream journal app, to record your dreams.

Thank you.

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