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Name: Build Prop Editor
Entwickler: joeykrim
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Version: 1.1.2
minimale Android Version: 1.6 oder höher
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This application makes modifying the build.prop file very simple and quick.



This application makes modifying the build.prop file very simple and quick.

Android uses the /system/build.prop file to store important device information. The type of information stored here ranges from how the device identifies itself (EVO, DROID, Galaxy Nexus, etc) with the Android Market to screen pixel density.

There are many options available through modifying the values in this file, build.prop. Many tweaks are available by modify these system values stored in the build.prop in order to allow better or custom performance and layout.

To start out, any user is able to view their default /system/build.prop file. They're able to see how the device identifies itself to the Android Market and to all applications. They're able to see custom settings regarding WiFi, themes, bluetooth, dalvik vm, default ringtones, etc.

Some common tweaks are: modify how the device appears to the Android Market in order to obtain applications, increase the screen pixel density (similar to adjusting the resolution), add custom ROM information, or adjust window animation speed.

Some of the common keys which users modify are:,, dalvik.vm.heapsize and ro.sf.lcd_density . Making modifications to these keys result in custom configurations of the /system/build.prop and custom layout/performance of the device.

Busybox is NOT required. All modifications are handled inside the application reducing the reliance on external applications. The application is self contained. Due to Android's standard security model, changes are only allowed to be saved with root access.

The application has a backup feature allowing backup copies to be made of the /system/build.prop file. Along with backup, the application has a restore feature allowing any backed up build.prop file to be restore and become the active /system/build.prop file. The application also has a maintenance feature allowing the user to delete backup copies in order to keep their collection organized and updated.

The device information section of the application displays the common key and values used by applications, including the Android Market. This information allows the user to better understand the values applications use to view their device.

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